Kingdom Hearts - what???
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Can someone explain Kingdom Hearts to me?

It seems like it is for children but as a 42 year old, I can attest that I just don't get it.
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What aspects of the game don't make sense to you?
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There's a pretty long wikipedia page about it...
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Do you want an explanation of the plot (which I'll happily give if that's what you're after) or an explanation of its appeal to people other than children?

If it's the latter, I'd say that the ability to appreciate 'adult' stories and themes needn't preclude the appreciation of less thematically complex things on their own terms.
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Do you not get video games in general, or just action-type games with rpg elements, or this specific one because of the Square/Disney integration? There's a lot here you could be mystified by.
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I didn't get why it was so freaking hard. No game featuring Donald Duck should be that difficult.
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Its a video game.
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KaterinLHC over at Gamers With Jobs just put out a short writeup on Kingdom Hearts 2. It has the best explanation of why people like those games that I've seen.
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And it's got an Utada Hikaru theme song.

(the video linked to is the Japanese version, but whatever.)
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It's bizarrely addictive, and I'm not even a fan of Disney. I got really obsessed with finishing it and doing the stupid tasks so I could see the extra ending.
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