Weirdly specific art wanted — but how?
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For mysterious reasons, I would like to own a large (24"x36" or bigger?) photo print of The Tree That Owns Itself. I would like it to be high-resolution, and ideally a little artsy, or at least dramatic. I've seen this, and it's nice, but I've had bad experiences with the resolution of blown-up images from poster sites, and this seems like a glorified poster site. Are there other options I'm not finding? Is this a "commission an artist" situation? How would I even do that? What else should I be looking into?
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Response by poster: (The original tree that died in the 40s and the currently living tree are both fair game for this. I guess I'd slightly prefer the original tree?)
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I sent you a MeMail.
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To get a good quality reproduction at that size you need a high resolution image. If you don’t like the one on pictorem (Which is not very inspiring, imo) and going to photographing the current tree is not an option, You’ll need to hire an illustrator. It will not be inexpensive. But you’ll get exact what you want. Search for illustrator representative or start at
For large prints, look at
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