iPhone 13 Pro case with hand strap (not wrist strap) and card slots
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I'm looking for an iPhone 13 Pro case like this one or this one. They have hand straps (not wrist straps) and card slots. Can anyone else find any others?

The reason I ask is that I ordered the first one off Amazon (I've also seen it at Walmart), and it keeps getting delayed being shipped (I imagine due to supply-chain issues).

I presume I'll eventually get the one I ordered, but can anyone find any others like it? Those were the only two I could find.

I really like cases with a hand strap - it's an easy way to securely hold the phone, and with the card slots, I can forgo carrying my wallet most of the time.
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Best answer: Try this one?


In the future, make sure the item you chose has a prime symbol next to it, and it says "fulfilled by Amazon", which means it comes from an Amazon warehouse (in the US). You may have picked one that dropship from China. You can probably cancel the other order.
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