Purchasing a hard sided cat crate in Frankfurt Airport?
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This coming spring we'll be moving from Denver to Tbilisi, Georgia, with our cats. We're able to have both of them in cabin with us from Denver to Frankfurt, but apparently one will have to be in the hold for the Frankfurt to Tbilisi leg. We can work with this, but I can't figure out how we're going to find a hard crate at the airport. Lufthansa didn't have any suggestions -- anyone have any ideas?
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Best answer: According to the Frankfurt-Airport's FAQ:
For emergencies, transport boxes are available for sale at the Airport. You can find FGS in Terminal 1, Arrival hall B, baggage belt 11). Please call them early enough: +49 69 690 51211

Business Hours

NOTE ! Office hours vary during Covid-19 pandemic. Monday – Sunday 06:00 to 22:00

Reduced business hours from December 24-26 and December 31 to January 1. Please call and ask for actual business hours.
Good luck! Though you should buy them NOW and get your cats used to spending a little time in them BEFORE you go on the trip. You still have time.
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Response by poster: oh goodness, thank you! I had a moment of panic, and my brain just shut down. We're working on the carriers and harness training... now to add some crate time :)
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If you can remove the top and the gate, start by tossing treats in the now open crate. When they get used to that, put the top back on and keep throwing treats in. When that's working, put the door back in, and briefly close it with the cat inside. Extend the door closing time. If they don't like treats, use food instead.
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