That Lynda Carter?
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While passing our Halloween candy with our neighbors last night I found out something interesting. A girl in a Wonder Woman costume prompted this neighborly share: "Did you know Lynda Carter filmed a movie in your house?"

I of course did not know this. They didn't remember the film name and thought it might not have been finished or released. I've done some sleuthing and I am pretty sure it is the movie Tattered Angel.

It looks like it was finished 7 years after the initial filming which isn't a good sign. Newspaper reports that it was picked up for cable distribution and a potential future DVD release. I can't find any references to the DVD for sale and I can't find it on streaming platforms.

Please help me track down a way to see this film.
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Since this seems to have only done the festival circuit I don't think you'll find it just by searching the web.

However a few of the folks involved with the production companies seem to be on LinkedIn. If you have an account, I don't think it would be inappropriate to message them to ask if your house was part of the film, and if so (or either way!) if there's any way for you to view it.
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FWIW: I found a post from 2018 by a guy who was in the movie (as a driver), and he said they didn't get a distribution deal. You might try contacting him on that forum to see if he can confirm your house, though.
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In the 70’s my grandmother was interviewed for a documentary that aired on PBS. I hadn’t seen it since. But a few years ago I started wondering about it, and started googling. I found one of the producers, emailed her, and she replied, said she remembered my grandmother. She also told me they were getting ready to release it as a DVD. And then she mailed me a home-burned copy of her copy of the new release, along with a personal note. So my point is, contact whoever you can find, they’ll probably be thrilled someone is interested.
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