How to simulcast a movie?
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HAAAAY, I was wondering if there's software or a website I could use to broadcast a movie file that I have, so that my friends and I could all watch it simultaneously. We could all download the file to our separate computers, but I'd like to have it broadcast from one web-location so that we can all be on the same second of the movie at the same time. So that we can gossip about what we're seeing. It would only be like five to ten people, max. Okay, thanks!
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I've watched movies on Livestream as a screencast of someone playing a file on a media player, plus there's a built-in chat. I think they offer a free tier that lets you broadcast.
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(Previously-ish, although the best answer link is dead)
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A Facebook group I'm in uses Sync Video for stuff on YouTube and Vimeo, and for other stuff they use Livestream. I'm not sure what the lag is like on Livestream, but I know that doing it on Twitch is out of the question. That's way, way too laggy (around 20 seconds on average).
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Hop on a big voice chat (Google Hangout would work) and everyone press the play button on the count of three?

The sync may be +- a couple seconds, but you'll end up with the videos a little out of sync with anything like Livestream anyway due to buffering. Are you planning on all sitting in the same room or is this going to be an online thing?
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I used to do this with my friend. Hop on IM or phone call and countdown to 3. Worked great and was easy. For breaks we would shout stop at a natural break and tell the other person the exact time. Then countdown to start up again.
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I'm part of a group that does this. Youtube is (obviously) hyper-vigilant about copyright, even on unshared videos. Free Livestream was (when we tried it a while ago) laggy and had image quality issues compared to just predistribution of a movie file. Best way I found to do it was pre-distributing the file through Dropbox or whatever alternative you prefer and then counting to three to start.
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You can use VLC to broadcast a stream if you open the appropriate ports, and likewise use VLC to play said stream.
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Cinesync is an all-download-and-then-all-view(and comment)-in-sync solution.
For single-origin broadcasting... Ustream, perhaps (no personal experience with it, though.)
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Also, from the authors of cinesync, there's Frankie, which is browser-based, cloud-shared video reviewing (so no installing or downloading of the video necessary). Not sure if there's a free version available.
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The creator of just did an IMA. Looks like this is exactly what you want
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