Where do I get a bra that's in-between 2 bra sizes?
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Is there some place that sells odd-numbered bra sizes? (37C, for example?)

So 36C is too tight, and 38B is too loose. Is there a 37B somewhere out there? Anyone tried such a seller and was happy?
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Have you been measured properly (and by that I mean someone in a lingerie department)? I thought I was one (always slightly ill-fitting) size for years, and once I got fitted it turned out I was actually another. Also, it could be that you're not so much halfway between band sizes (i.e., a 37 instead of a 36 or a 38) as you are halfway between cup sizes (i.e., bigger than a B but smaller than a C). If that's the case, Playtex has a line that might fill the bill.
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Can't you just use the widest hook/eye thingy on the 36? They stretch over time anyway, and there are usually three "settings", probably to overcome the fact that not everyone measures exactly 36 or 38 inches around the ribs.
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Bra extenders. But really, try getting fitted first.
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If 36C is too tight and 38B is too loose, try a 36 or 34D. Seriously. You're thinking I'm crazy right now, but give it a try. Or get fitted - at Nordstroms if you've got one.
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It would help if you could clarify whether these bra sizes are too big band-wise (in which case, isn't that what all the extra hooks are for?) or cup-wise. Also, yeah, get fitted, I am a totally different size than what I thought I was, and the bras in the new size make me look great, you'd be amazed at the difference.
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If you can find a corsetiere shop to visit, they will not only fit you properly, but they usually make adjustments by sewing machine while you wait. We were lucky enough to have one in my town growing up, the prices were the same as the department stores but the fit was much better. On Saturday's there was always a line out front before it opened !

And beware with anyplace that is giving you a bra fitting - they may very well reach into your cup to place you better in the bra !
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you should really get fitted, many women simply buy the wrong size until they get properly fitted by a pro.
your life will change.
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I've been properly fitted a number of times. Various professionals have claimed "You are DEFINITELY a 36C. This will change your life.", and various other professionals have claimed "You are DEFINITELY a 38B. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot".
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I was fitted at a shop in NYC... turns out I'm a 37, also. Some brands fit better than others. I think it has to do with the ratio of cup size to band size. Wacoal Body Suede seems to fit me better than other Wacoals. I also like Fantasie, an English brand available from LadyGrace.com and other retailers.

At the bra shop, they didn't actually measure. They had me try on a bra, and then noted how it fit. Center of bra not tight against chest means cup is too small. Bra riding up in back means band is too loose. The bras they sold me felt uncomfortably tight across the back for a little while, and then were perfect until they wore out.

I tried 36 in a bigger cup sized -- you can do that. But for me it's better to go with 38.
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These women custom make bras. I like their bras, but they might be a tad unsexy for some.
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Hanes offers Thank Goodness It FitsĀ® Half Size Bras. Their site was down when I checked, however, so no linkage.
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