How can I open my IKEA HURDAL wardrobe after the key broke off?
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I have the now-discontinued IKEA HURDAL Wardrobe. It opens with a key, which has broken off in the lock. I have already ordered a replacement key from IKEA, which should arrive within 2 weeks. How can we open it in the meantime?
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Often with a broken off key you can just stick the second half in behind the first half that's still in there and it'll work fine.
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Call a locksmith?
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Response by poster: Unfortunately the first half seems to have fallen off in the lock somehow.

Here's a horrible photo of the lock. Maybe I can try to take it again with more light tomorrow.
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That lock doesn't look very secure. Does the key look like this? If so, something like a bent coat hanger or an Allen key might do the job. I'd try sticking some things in there and seeing if I could move the tumbler.
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Response by poster: Yes, that's exactly what the key looks like. It's surely not very secure but is certainly giving me a lot of problems.
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Best answer: There's just a little piece of metal that you need to push sideways or rotate sideways and down to open the latch (it should be pretty obvious based on how you put the key in, which way you turned it and when it clicked to open). It's quite likely that it's on the bottom. You can use anything that will fit in there to push on the little bit of metal. Maybe an Allen key from IKEA? Small screwdriver? A pen? Really anything that will fit in there and reach the business end of the latching mechanism will do the job. It might help to push on one of the doors to relieve any pressure on the latch that might be making it harder to open. Once you have it open, you can tape the latch so it stays inside the door or just remove the latch entirely from the backside.

If you can't get anything in there, the instructions you linked to show that the outside of the lock is simply pressed into place (step 35). You should be able to pry that little cover out with a screwdriver or pull it out with a pair of pliers. Then it should be easier to see and reach what you need to reach.

This is barely a lock. You can definitely do this!
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Response by poster: I pulled the lock face out with a screwdriver and then was able to push the locking mechanism over using the handle from a nail clipper, and it opened right up. Thanks! Now we will actually have our colder weather clothing tomorrow morning.
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