Beyond Patreon. Options for Having a Self-Regulating Creative Platform
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I would like to publish my writing in a Patreon style and without the Patreon platform. Example's include having a short form story/essay/op-ed for no-cost on the site with a link to the long form version for cost. Private individualized newsletters. E-books sales. Personal poetry written for patrons/followers, etc.

Exploring here. Are there options that combine the benefits of Patreon with the qualities of an online stores.
posted by goalyeehah to Computers & Internet (2 answers total) 2 users marked this as a favorite does the writing part, but not the e-commerce part. As near as I can tell, you can set posts to either free access or subscription access. It doesn't look like you can break it down further than that though, so no personal posts or elite tiers.
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Gumroad, maybe? I've never used it as a creator but as a consumer it seems more flexible than Patreon.
posted by Polycarp at 2:39 PM on October 11

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