Dawn Dorland’s lawyer or publicist?
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Hi, I want to offer a donation to Dawn Dorland (check my profile comments to be taken to the post about her story on the Blue). She’s been through heck and I don’t want to offer it in a way that would oblige her acknowledgment, so I want to contact her lawyer or publicist and get the money to her that way. Google fails me. Anyone got any idea who to contact or what the best steps would be to find this info?
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Here is the Court Listener archive of Larson v. [Dorland] Perry which lists all the lawyers’ addresses and phone numbers (as well as docket entries and exhibits on another tab for those that can make sense of it)
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Keep in mind that if you contact her via her lawyers and she is paying her lawyers that donation will get immediately sucked up into lawyer fees for accepting/forwarding your money, so it's probably better to find a non-lawyer path to donating to her.
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Best answer: I would reach ouy to the author of the Times piece. I have done so with journalists who wrote about people I wanted to contribute to in the past and they generally know if something has been set up somewhere or who else to go through.
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Best answer: Message the journalist who wrote the Times piece, Robert Kolker.
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Response by poster: Message sent! Thanks everyone! I’ll keep you posted.
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