Zoom games difficulty level: Work baby shower
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I'm in charge of structuring my work team mate's baby shower zoom meeting and I have never done either one of those things before. I was given a tip to check Etsy for powerpoint-style zoom games, and there's like a billion to choose from and they all look the same. I have no existing intuition on this to tell me where to even start. Do you have any thing that might fit the bill?

We have had success before with a kind of "powerpoint game" that was like a slide deck with a couple of different prompts, then everyone selects a prompt and makes their own slide to populate with a photo or photo collage about their response to the prompt. So something like that maybe? But not necessarily.
Our team is a wonderful mix of cultures, backgrounds, genders, professions, generations, etc. Looking for the kind of thing that will be fun, welcoming and inclusive; sharing is good, trivia not so much. There will be about 6-8 people on the call and the call will have about an hour. I can spend probably up to like $20 I think but don't let that limit your suggestions.
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You know, sometimes I really miss working properly full-time and having co-workers and structure and such...and then I read something like "work team mate's baby shower zoom meeting powerpoint-style zoom games" and heave a sigh of relief.

Given the above, take this with a grain of salt, but I feel like making people do powerpoint slide homework sounds tedious. What about bringing things into the 3D world and doing some sort of scavenger hunt/bingo type game? "I'm looking for a book with a three-word title, something red, a vegetable, and something starting with the letter Y!" and see how creative people can get?
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OOH I have a great baby shower game and it does not need technology! Gift bingo. This assumes that giving/opening gifts is a big part of the shower, if not then forget this one. Each player gets a blank bingo card and is instructed to fill it out with what they think will be part of the gifts. No duplicates allowed. Then as gifts are opened/received, they mark off the spaces. First one to get a row calls BINGO and gets a prize.

The fun part is the prizes can be meaningless, and you can offer second, third, fourth, etc. Prizes can be funny titles like the King of Daipers or the Captain of spit up rags or whatever.

The game gives people something to do, everyone gets a "gimmie" square by putting in their own gift.
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There's a site called Kahoot that some of my colleagues have used to run trivia-style games during Zoom events. It was in fact pretty fun.
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Scatergories is what has worked for my friends and family. I think this one will let you make your own list too for theming purposes. I think the physical game says up to 6 players. 8 would be okay, but probably not more than that.
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Anchoring stuff in the physical world is worth considering. I'd be tempted to go with a scavenger hunt style thing where you do or show something IRL. "Show us the most interesting green thing you own." or "make a hat out of something that isn't a hat," are the kind of things I'd try. (I've also never been to a baby shower and don't know what's actually appropriate.)
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Have everyone share their baby photo! We did this on Zoom with my team and it was a lot of fun. Our group was diverse enough that we even made it a game and guessed who was who; that might not work for all groups but it was fun for us.
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Could you do a point-and-click online game together? I'm thinking of the "click on the rug to reveal the wrench to use on the radiator" kind. It's really not a traditional baby shower sort of activity, but it would be less socially awkward than some options, depending on the group. Maybe you could find one with a fitting theme.
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Our team has used Kahoot for baby shower trivia games over video conference in particular and it's usually gone over well.
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We have played You Don't Know Jack over Zoom and it has worked pretty well.
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I haven't used it in a work setting, but have played Broken Picturephone with friends over zoom and it was fun. Have everyone pick something baby-related as their starting phrase and voila, a baby shower game.
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