Flash player with slow motion, frame advance and smooth rewind?
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I like to view dance moves, which are increasingly in Flash video format. Is there a Flash player with slow motion, frame advance and continous rewind?

I like to try break down dance moves on video and Flash seems to be an increasingly popular format. Are there any Flash players that have slow motion (with audio is preferred), frame by frame advance, and the ability to rewind smoothly (as opposed to jumping back 2 seconds). Any Flash players that don't necessarily have above features but make it easier to look at dance moves in Flash format would be nice to know about too.
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This might be what you're wanting. It allows you to download video embedded in Flash movies to play in the standalone FLV Player, though it may not fully support frame-by-frame, etc. Remember that Flash is a somewhat proprietary format; the way it handles video is completely different than a normal video player, so there aren't many standalone Flash players at all.

Hopefully this helps!
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FLV Player is mostly garbage.

You can now play FLV files in any standard directshow player (i.e. windows media player, media player classic, bsplayer, etc.) Install FLV Splitter and ffdshow and then enable FLV support in the ffdshow codec configuration page.
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VLC should be able to do this.
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Flash Bookmarklets say they will let you pause, rewind, etc Flash movies within a webpage. I've never used them, so I'm not sure that they work.
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