Looking for the Lost timer.
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Is the Lost timer/clock (or anything like it) available for purchase? (Season 2 spoilers inside...)

Being a total Lost nut, I've been aching to find a clock/timer resembling the one in the Hatch for use in my dorm room. I downloaded the Lost timer Konfabulator widget, but it's just not the same. The best solution would be "the official ABC Lost fan-club timer for home use!" or another company selling reproductions. Barring that, are there any timekeeping devices that resemble the type of flippy-card system the Hatch timer uses? And if nobody turns up anything, would anyone have any advice as how to construct something like it?
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Well if you're on a Mac OSX, you can download the Lost Dashboard widget.
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Damn, that's what I get for responding to the intro and not the more inside...
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Like one of these?

you can take those goofy looking legs off and mount it on a wall, apparently.

I just googled it some more and some websites say that the legs are robotic and move or something, which is obviously not true if you spend more than three seconds looking at the picture.
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These were very common bedside alarm clocks and the like in the 70s before LED technology made them obsolete. Look on eBay for them.
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I saw one at Target the other day. It was really cheap, but the first thing I said when I saw it was: "Look! A LOST clock!"
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They're called flip clocks. Google and eBay will return many results.
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Two websites which focus on selling products/props featured in television shows:

DeliveryAgent and StarStyle.
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I used to have a flip clock when I was a wee one. Forgot about that until this thread, heh.
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