Help me find this old Onion graphic?
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Can you help me find a satirical article or graphic about the Gray Davis recall? It was a satire of the wide-ranging candidates running, included the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Gravis, and “a swordfish” I can’t find it though, can you?
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This seems to be a modified version of it. (I got it by putting "the onion" recall swordfish into Google Image Search.)
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I can find the headline The California Recall Candidates: A Focus On The 87 Front-Runners but the article itself seems to be empty now thanks to aggressive link rot from the Onion.
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Best answer: Hah, I can't believe I found it. Here you go, thanks to the wayback machine and some stubborn clicking through what appeared to be broken links.

- The image archived by the Wayback Machine
- The archived version of the article
- The archived version of the relevant Onion issue
- Personally uploaded image copy for posterity
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Here's a picture of the print version front page (The pic is not high res, since they're selling the physical item.)

This looks like the image.
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