Is it possible to donate to a GoFundMe campaign completely anonymously?
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I really do not like gofundme and similar sites. However, some coworkers have lost their homes in a recent hurricane and I would like to contribute completely anonymously to their campaigns. Is this possible?

I know they have an anonymous feature where the public does not see your identity, but the organizer and gofundme itself will know your identity. I know you can register gift cards to use them online, but I believe you have to use your real information and include identifying documents these days. None of my credit cards have virtual card options, and PayPal will likely forward your real info.

Most of the information I can find concerns receiving funds through gofundme anonymously, not trying to donate. Any solotion would, or course, have to be legal in the United States.
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This is sort of a basic hack, but maybe give the money to a trusted friend who is not obviously/publicly associated with you and have them donate it? (Not the level of privacy that would suffice if you're, like, trying to evade the FBI, but seems fine for just being discreet about donating money to someone in your community.)
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Assuming you're in the US, most pharmacies have pre-paid cards that will let you input a zip code at their website and make online purchases with a fake name and a disposable email address. You usually have to buy them with cash. (It's worth looking up which specific ones work today. As of a few years ago there were a couple of options that work with most US card processors.)

Edit: I don't know if GoFundMe refuses them. It's worth searching.
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Is it important to you to be anonymous to the recipient or just to GoFundMe? Is it important that your support is counted towards their funding goals? If not, you could physically deliver/mail cash or a cashiers check to the recipients to help them (which also means they get the full amount with no fees deducted).
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