Let us move away from the classic brownie, the gummy, etc
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Do you have a favourite recipe for cannabis edibles? Would you tell me about it?

I am quite fond of edibles, but here in Canada, they are quite expensive to buy on the regular, and I'm a DIY girl anyway.

I already make canna-banana bread, chocolates, brownies, and such like. But I am really trying to cut down my sugar intake these days so I'm looking for healthier options. I'm vegan, so anything that can be veganized is fair game.

I use homemade cannabis coconut oil for at least 99% of any weed recipes, if that clarifies anything.

Tell me, weed enjoyers of AskMe, what are your favourite edibles recipes?
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Best answer: I have made Brazilian cheese bread with weed oil and rosemary and they were very nice. There's a lot of oil in the recipe to sub out so you can control your dosage just fine.

(Honestly, 99% of the time I put the oil into capsules, take what I want for the effect, and then eat what snacks I want after the munchies have hit, because it's both more fun and less work, but a nice baked good is very pleasant.)
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Do you already decarboxylate? It will turn 30 grams flower into a year's supply. It works great in an Instant Pot (and the pun's built in!)
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My friend makes savory chex mix and savory mixed nuts with infused coconut oil (made in the instant pot as suggested by dum spiro spero). Nosh wisely, though, because they are munchies that give you munchies. Cannouroboros.
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Best answer: I have not made this personally, but once upon a time there was a cheese cracker similar to a cheez-it available commercially that was divine. I'd imagine cheese straws would also work well given their high butter/fat content, though they are only healthy in the sense that they don't have as much sugar.

Obviously cheese and veganism don't necessarily work together, but similar flavor profiles? Very much so.
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My friend's daughter out in Eugene makes some amazing chocolate truffles with cannabis.
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I still think about my college roommate’s pesto. Just normal pesto with weed oil. It’s the only edible I’ve had where the flavor of the weed actually worked with the flavor of the food instead of being an odd clashing undertone.
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Best answer: Yeah, sweets are fun I suppose but what really works are strong herbal flavors, umami, and possibly some bitterness. Brownies are traditional because the chocolate masks the flavor but it's really not an unpleasant-by-definition herb and using it in anything where you'd use rosemary or sage or something along those lines - pairing with garlic works well, too - is gonna go just fine.
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Best answer: I like to make my own tincture, and then put dropperfuls into whatever I feel like drinking. It works especially well with seltzers and juice. Best thing is, if you store it in a cool dark place, it will last forever.
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Best answer: I think the actual taste of cannabis pairs really well with strawberry, and once at a restaurant I had strawberry compote infused with olive oil and Basil with brie, and I think it would have been excellent with the flavour of cannabis instead of the Basil. You couldn't serve with the brie obviously, but there are some nice vegan cashew cheeses now!

this recipe feels close
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I make cannabutter using coconut oil then portion it out and keep it in the fridge. I bought a silicone chocolate bar mold and make canna-chocolate bars. I use ghiradelli dark chocolate melting discs that I pick up at target though I’m sure that’s not vegan. I melt the cannabutter in the microwave then add half a bag of chocolate discs and melt at 40% power to avoid burning the chocolate, stir very well and pour into the mold and let it set up.

It’s a palatable chocolate, but my favorite part is that I can easily choose how many squares I want and it doesn’t fill me up. For a long time I made cookies or rice crispy treats but the portion is so much larger it often ruined my appetite for dinner.

Someone above mentioned deoxycarbolating (sp?) so I’ll add my tip-add a little powdered lecithin after deoxycarbolating, it greatly increases the available thc or something, I read it long ago and forget what the reasoning was but I made cannabutter with and w/o it to test and it is so much stronger that I always use it now. I add a teaspoon to a half ounce mj. It’s used in most baked goods so not an unknown additive, and I get it at my local health food store.
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I'm very lazy so I decarb shatter and mix with peanut butter so I get it to 1/2teaspoon=10mg. Then I keep it in a well labelled mason jar in the fridge.
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I've blended the oil into a smoothie with coconut milk and a can of pineapple before.
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