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I love to dream about my, well, dream home as escapism, and have always loved looking at pictures of houses, floorplans etc., sometimes to later build them on The Sims. I want to collect those, but also be able to add comments/lists. Where can I do that?

Basically, the idea is to have a list of dream features and to then add pictures to illustrate those features. Like this:

My Dream Features:
- walk-in closet with lots of hanging space -> click to view photos/enter photo folder/page
- Japanese bathtub > click to view photos/enter photo folder/page
- tiles like these > click to view photos/enter photo folder/page

I guess Notion could work for this, or apps writers use for plotting? I would have more photos than text, though.

If paid, it shouldn't be too expensive. I also prefer to have this on my computer (Windows 10) over my tiny iPhone.

Thanks in advance!
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You can do this with the Ideabook function on Houzz, although you're limited to photos on the site. On the positive side, they will suggest other photos/posts based on what you save.
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You can also do this with Pinterest, just make folders for each feature.
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Best answer: It's not purpose-built for mood boards, but I use Google Keep in this way. Both for my actual house that I live in and also for Sims houses to build.

You can add photos and make notes and lists, it's literally what the app is for. Color code everything in the same note family and the only pull up "teal" or whatever and you have your full page of only your curated house content.

I can't take photos with my phone and jot notes on the fly, then pull the whole thing up in a browser window side by side on my computer when I'm actually playing the Sims.
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