Can you recommend an ear-training app for a choral singer?
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I have a chorus audition coming up. Part of the audition will be hearing a few notes and then singing them back. Are there any good apps for practicing that? (There’s a strong likelihood that these will be canceled because of the dang pandemic, but let's not get into the covid of it all, please.)
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I have found at least two ear training apps that might help. One is and Random Note App at the Google Play Store. And, I found a MasterClass tutorial called, "How to Train Your Ear: 7 ear Training Techniques." These might help. Good luck.
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I like "Functional Ear Trainer". It's simple but it makes sense to me.

And the "Meludia" app is OK. (There's also a web-based Meludia that is more comprehensive (and expensive). The Meludia app only does melodic dictation, but that's what you're looking for.)
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Pitch, Please! (for iOS).

It's just a pitch generator but you can spin the dial and sing along.
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A second vote for Functional Ear Trainer!
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