Instagram is updated, but I can still only like messages with a heart?
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I'm on Android 11 with Instagram I have thus far declined to set up Facebook Accounts Center, because I don't want my Instagram and Facebook worlds connected. Is there still a way to enable the ability to like messages on Instagram with emojis other than hearts if I don't? Or could there be be some other reason why I can't use custom emoji reactions to messages? It's really getting old, only being able to react with hearts with no subtlety, ugh.
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Pretty sure this is one of the features they're holding off to convince people to connect and they're very unlikely to bring it to IG-only users. For what it's worth I'm in the same position. My friends are mostly on WhatsApp anyway, which is still pretty separate from Facebook.
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I didn't know it was ever possible to like on Instagram with anything other than a heart. That's all I have been able to do.
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Best answer: Yeah, it’s a cross platform thing.

Source: The ability to customize emoji reactions is part of Facebook’s cross-platform messaging feature in Instagram. This update lets you message your Facebook friends from Instagram and brings some Messenger features to Instagram.
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Response by poster: I hate Facebook. Thank you all.
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