Special Things in Copenhagen
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What are some special, quirky, cool, unexpected things I can do in Copenhagen with someone I want to surprise with a nice day?

That's basically it! It's this person's 40th birthday and I'd like to do something special for her in Copenhagen. She likes everything except maybe sports. We've already done some of the more obvious touristy things on a previous trip.
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This little cafe in a bridge tower is cool (though it looks like it may be fully booked).
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Best answer: The Worker's Museum is surprisingly fun. If you've never been, I can recommend it. The café is also worth a visit.
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Best answer: I'm sure you saw the Little Mermaid, or chose not to; but did you spot the underwater statues of merpeople under the Højbro Bridge?
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Best answer: Go to everywhere by bike (if she doesn't consider bicycling a sport). I worked at a bike rental and tours shop once, and people always came back very happy. Biking in a bike-friendly city is a good time. Copenhagen, I hear, is a great city for it.
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Best answer: This cafe just re-opened (info on the new owners here) and it is beyond cozy. It's right next to Landsbohøjskole Gardens, which are a really nice (and free!) historical garden to walk in associated with Copenhagen University. You could easily spend 2-3 hours getting breakfast/lunch here and then walking in the gardens. It's definitely off the tourist track.

I've also gone a fishing trip in downtown Copenhagen with these guys and it was super fun. The easiest thing is to just email their contact (fishingcopenhagen@gmail.com), tell them what you're up for, and they'll arrange something.
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The botanical garden is very nice, with big wrought iron victorian-style greenhouses and a cool alpine installation that you can walk over (if that's not too obvious/touristy a suggestion).
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It might be too sporty but close to the city centre is a power station with a ski slope on top: the Copenhill.
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Best answer: I asked my SO and the first thing she would want to do is swim in the harbour. There are multiple locations where you can do this.
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Best answer: People also love CopenHot, which has all kinds of saunas, hot tubs, a hot tub boat, etc. It is right near Reffen, which is the big see-and-be-seen outdoor street food food court thing. There's also bungee jumping there, too.
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You can also book a kayak for free if you agree to pick up garbage in the harbor. Not sure if that's too sporty, though.
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Some of the best tacos I've ever had?
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Best answer: A few of my favorite things in Copenhagen -

The David Collection - a small and quiet museum with beautiful collections
Contemporary art installations - submerged, underground - in The Cisterns
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Best answer: Half an hour by train from Copenhagen, but well worth the visit: Louisiana, great art museum in great surroundings.
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Hven is nice. There is a little museum at Tycho Brahe’s observatory and it’s nice to bike around. I think there may be a distillery there too but I didn’t go to it.
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Seconding moonmilk that if you haven't already been, the Cisterns is really special.
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Response by poster: thanks for all the suggestions! popping back to say that I marked as best answers everything we did -- which was a lot! and they were all fantastic. unfortunately the cisterns and the bridge tower restaurant were booked up, otherwise those would've been in the mix as well.
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