How do I hang this wall poster?
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I absolutely love this Grateful Dead poster/canvas set. But in the last picture in the product description, it shows something you have to do with PVC pipe. Maybe it's used to unroll and/or stretch out the pieces? I really just can't visualize what I would need to do once I open the package and unfortunately there are no reviews to explain it. If anyone can interpret what the actual instructions would be, I will be able to decide if it is worth ordering. (I fear it might be cheaper looking than the image suggests but it's so cute I'm hoping not!)
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Best answer: Looks like the pipe is just how it's shipped. from the product description on the same page you linked:

Usually we roll up the canvas and put it in a PVC pipe for transportation,If wrinkled during transit ,can be ironed on low heat
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Response by poster: So you mean those are just step by step pictures of the pipe being uncapped and then the poster being unrolled? That seems so simple! For some reason it looked to me like you needed to use the pipe somehow, not that it was just storage. Thank you for clearing that up for me, and so quickly!
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Best answer: Yeah, it's just a really fastidious explanation of how they pack it for shipping, probably to emphasize that it's coming to you flat, not stretched/framed.
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Best answer: It looks like your question was already answered, but I wanted to add: make sure you pay attention to the sizing, since it's in centimeters! Double-check it, because it's way too easy on these to go by the picture - which is probably the largest size - and assume it's bigger than it is.
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Also note that in the sofa photo, the artwork is “displayed” on wooden stretchers. The canvas you are getting has a 4 CM white border (if you are just planning to frame it).
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