Covid vaccination status of prominent covid vax conspiracy theorists?
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A lot of people are loudly decrying the covid vaccine as a conspiracy or otherwise bad. Is there any info (preferably reliable) on whether or not they are vaccinated? I’ve seen many articles about these people & what they are saying, but no mention of their vaccination status.
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If they're portraying themselves as antivax, if they're vaxxed anyway, that's probably a very closely held secret... and medical privacy laws would unfortunately enable the deception. From real-life people I know, those who have "gotten caught" getting vaxxed regardless of their verbalized position come up with an amazing array of justifications for why it's ok or necessary or required for themselves, but no one else should do it.

Gotta love narcissists. [eyeroll] Despite a narcissistic FOO, I had no idea until this last few years that narcissism was so ridiculously contagious in the public at large.
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Not exactly what you're looking for, but Rupert Murdoch made a public statement when he was vaccinated. He and his family control Fox News, which provides a prominent platform to Tucker Carlson and other anti-vaxxers.
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Speaking of Carlson, he consistently dodges direct questions on whether he is vaccinated or not, leading many to believe that he is, in fact, vaccinated. Yes, it's hearsay, but one would think such an aggressive, highly-public, anti-vaxer like Carlson would celebrate his non-vaxed status unless he has been vaccinated.
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I've read that all the Fox News hosts are vaccinated, most finding a way to jump the line and go quite early.

I'll try to find better sources than "random MeFite remembers this" and add here as a I go, but as an amuse-bouche here's Tucker Carlson complaining that he had the vaccine so there shouldn't be a mask mandate or something.
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The three Fox and Friends hosts expressed happiness and relief about receiving their vaccines.
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Response by poster: Thank you for the answers so far. Anything on any politicians?
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