Where does a new trans girl go for a haircut in the Bay Area?
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What are the good trans-friendly hair salons in the Bay Area? This will be my first femme haircut. My hair is (finally!) starting to get long and it needs a little maintenance. I don't know what I'm doing and it's important to me to find a salon where the staff understands that.

I can go into SF if necessary but peninsula/south bay/east bay preferred.
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She’s queer and also explicitly says on her site “The trust guests give to me to do gender affirming hair is a gift from the goddess. I am extremely conscious that all haircuts affirm gender. I am grateful everyday for the privilege to contribute to queer culture and our community through hair.”
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When I used to live in Oakland, I got my hair cut by Nick. He’s a member of the trans community himself, and I was always really happy with his work!
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Glama-Rama Telegraph! (or Glama-Rama flagship, but they're in the city.) They specially book gender-affirming haircuts ("long" and "short") on their website. If you're looking for something exciting, Jordan L'Moore is a trans woman, and she does amazing waves and curls and detailed, elaborate coloring.

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Coming in to recommend Glamarama and Jordan, specifically, so a hearty second to that!
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I was coming to say that Glamarama is the name over and over I've heard for this (also when the question is focused on SF proper).
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In San Jose, I highly recommend Kelly the Barber. He's a lovely person and a great barber who doesn't just do "barber" haircuts.
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Oh gosh I'm so happy for you!

I'm sorry I can't recommend somewhere closer to you outside the city from direct experience.

I can highly recommend glama rama salon in San Francisco, they explicitly have gender affirming haircut options. It was the first haircut I have had after I came out as nonbinary during the pandemic, I booked a gender affirming short haircut (you can do short or long, defined by if it's above or below the shoulders) online for the next day, not sure how they are for walk ins.

The person cutting my hair was Roxanne, she talked to me, told me her pronouns, asked mine, talked to me about hair and my options, then cut my hair, and I like my cut. I didn't feel like they had expectations on how my hair should look, but they gave me guidance that I appreciated. The owner is queer, actually, she and her fiance started the cafe next door.

The salon experience is definitely more involved than a haircut at a barber with clippers so you may need to budget extra time. For example at glama rama, I got a shampoo and conditioning, hairspray, a scissor cut and time under a perm machine to dry my hair. Glama rama takes a credit card, but FYI some salons are cash only for stylists, so if you go elsewhere keep that in mind, and bring cash to pay and for a tip.

Also feel free to mefi mail me? I'm always happy for more trans/queer Bay Area friends, or to get you on the transfilter slack or both.
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