Style inspiration for fat queers
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What are the best instagram accounts featuring fat/plus-size AFAB masculine folks looking stylish? Butches, trans masculine folx, masculine-of-center nonbinary people, etc.

Looking for inspiration for outfitting my own fat AFAB body in stylish mens or menswear-inspired clothes. I'm finding a lot of queer style IGs, but if they feature fat people, they tend to be more femme. And if they are trans masc or butch, they tend to have that skinny androgynous look. Neither of which is super useful to me!

Basically, I'm trying to figure out how to make masculine styles look good on me when I have hips, boobs, and quite a bit of belly fat.

Apologies for lumping all masculine-of-center AFAB folx together - I know that lacks nuance but I'm having so much trouble finding what I'm looking for that I'm just trying to cast as wide a net as possible.
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maybe @butchisnotadirtyword, or @realleadelaria? The latter isn't really fashion-focused, but she does sometimes post her red carpet outfits, and they are quite dapper.

I know you asked for instagram, but you might find Autostraddle's Find your Fit column helpful (especially this one). Autostraddle also posts periodic roundups of queer instagram--you might find more options by scrolling through one of those!
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Qwear Fashion (Instagram, blog) might be a good source.
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gc2b's Instagram feed has pretty reliable diversity of body types, with the caveat being that they're all wearing the company's product and the binders only go so large.
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Comfy Fat!
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Jessamyn Stanley's personal style (when she's not in yoga stuff) is usually more butch-leaning.
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effyalece is a masculine-of-center NB person who posts a lot of cool looks and butchisnotadirtyword posts a lot of people with different body types, including older folks, although mostly white people. I will also be watching this space for more cool folks to follow.
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Response by poster: Well, the small number of responses here confirms that there are just not a lot of those accounts out there! But some of these are really great, so thank you!
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