Do I need to carry my actual vaccine card?
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I’m flying into BWI from Tampa on Friday (by way of Atlanta). Tampa and Atlanta don’t require proof of vaccine, but BWI does. Do I need to carry my paper vaccine card with me, or will a photo on my phone be sufficient? The links provided by Delta Airlines are vague on this. Thanks all for your help.
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My vax provider suggested photocopying and laminating a copy of my card. I did take a picture of it, as well, to store on my phone.
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Best answer: I've been told not to laminate my card, in the event that a booster would be needed somewhere down the line and would be added to the original card. I have mine in a plastic holder, like a backstage pass holder. I do have photos of it on my phone, but I also carry it with me, just in case someone wants to be a jerk.
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Like theoraa55, I photocopied and laminated it to keep in my wallet. The original card is with my other important papers.
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Response by poster: Y’all I’m sticking it in a zipper bag and calling it a day. All the guidelines I’ve been able to review are so vague as to be useless. I think I won’t need to show the card bc I think a “papers, please” mandate would be politically untenable, and yet I can’t not get on this plane ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Response by poster: Follow up for anyone following: nobody at delta or spirit, in Tampa, Atlanta, or Baltimore, asked me to produce proof of vaccination. There were signs everywhere that you had to wear a mask at all times (except to briefly eat or drink obvs) and that was it. Conclusion: take a phone picture, wear a mask, and call it a day.
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