Dug up lily
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A backhoe dug up some blooming yellow calla lilies. They laid out in 70 degree sun all day then were put in a vase in water bulbs and all. Are they salvageable? Next steps, please.
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Bulbs are tough.
Get some dirt from where the were and pot some uninjured ones.
Be nice to them.
posted by the Real Dan at 7:31 PM on June 23, 2021

Yes, they're fine. Cut the bloom away from the rhizome and replant the rhizome. Simple as that. You can leave any remaining green leaves attached when you replant but be aware that they may die back (almost certainly). No worries, they'll return next year.
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Cutting rhizomes into bits is a means of propagation that works with other plants like, for instance, ginger. There is hope here. (Also 70 degrees is just not that hot.)
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