How to Send a Mass Text on iPhone without Recipients Seeing Each Other?
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I want to compose a text message once, send it to multiple contacts, and not have them see the other recipients like in a group text. Is this possible on iPhone using any apps? How about jailbreak apps or tweaks?
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Copy and paste into separate messages?
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You might be able to do it using Shortcuts.
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If you know who the carriers are for your contacts' mobile numbers, you can try emailing them using the BCC:

* AT&T:
* T-Mobile:
* Sprint:
* Verizon: or
* Virgin Mobile:

There are carrier lookup websites if you need to figure out what company the number belongs to.

You can test this out on yourself, adjust accordingly.
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I just found this:
which is a few years old, so it might not work, but I'll give it a shot next time I have this problem. Thanks for the jumping off point!
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The messaging app on my Android phone ("Messages", by Google, so generally any Android phone should be able to run it) has an option to send group texts as a single group text to everyone together, or as a "mass text" sent out individually. If you can't get it to work on an iPhone maybe it'd be worth temporarily using an Android device? I make no claims about any iMessage implications that this approach may or may not have.
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