How to vote when moving right before an election in NYC?
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I'm moving within NYC a few days before the primary election - do I have a grace period to vote using my old address?

I'm moving to a new address within the same NYC borough but different district on the 19th - the upcoming primary election is on the 22nd.  I'd like to vote early this weekend using my old address. 

Looking online, the only info I've found for New York is that to vote you have to be a "resident of this state and the county, city or village for at least 30 days before the election" - but I'm not sure if that means I'd be in the clear or not?

I'm still on the lease at my old address until the end of the month so I can theoretically also delay all my official address change stuff until after the election, but I'd rather get that all squared away earlier. 
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Yes, this is fine.
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The board of elections (NYC link) won't even process a change of address if it's not received by June 2 (i.e. 7 days ago), so you are definitely OK.
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Ny state has state wide portability which means as long as you were registered at an address in ny before, you could show up on the 22nd at the voting site for your new home and vote provisionally but it would likely require you to explain that to the folks working.

But you didn’t ask about that. You asked if you can early vote where you currently live and are registered and in my unqualified internet opinion that seems perfectly in line w the letter and spirit of election law.
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