Clean eyelashes?
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How do clean the base of your eyelashes?
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Warm water and a wash cloth, rub gently. Worked perfectly when I had pink eye, or whenever I just get eye crust.
posted by Loto at 11:24 AM on April 1, 2006

Or a soft-bristle toothbrush, for more delicate fine-tuning.
posted by Gator at 11:25 AM on April 1, 2006

The standard regimen for blepharatis works fine: warm compress, then run q-tip dipped in diluted baby shampoo, then warm water rinse.
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There are critters living there.
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hortense: I just right now read everything I could find on google about these guys. I kind of wish I hadn't.
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You could try a brow and lash comb. Warm water and a washcloth will probably be just as effective, though.
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Hmm.. clean them? From what? makeup? I use a jumbo sized cotton ball and some Physician's Formula lotion eye makeup remover -- I hate that liquid burning stuff!!! Lotion is so much more soothing. Just rub it really well over your eyelid and eyelashes.

Phew.. just looked at hortense's links and all I can say is that alone is enough to induce full blown OCD symptoms whereby I scrub in the shower for hours a day trying to rid of "germs."
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I wash my face with my shampoo and rub my fingers along my lash line several times.

Yeah, the squeamish should avoid avoid avoid the links hortense posted. Just let it be said that the critters are necessary per some documentary I saw a few years ago.
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