How to attach skateboard straps to a backpack?
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Based on this: no one ever addressed the skateboard strap element in their answer. Barring someone knowing of a better suggestion for that, what’s the best way for me to add or attach skateboard straps or bungee paracord things? I ended up getting a backpack and it has some places for attachments and stuff. How would I go about doing this?
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Skateboard backpacks are a thing. If you don't have a skateboard backpack, just sew a couple straps on where they should go.
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Personally, I'd go with a two-strap system, one goes around one axle, then around the two shoulder straps, come back to the axle. Then a second strap can be attached to backpacks that have compression straps, doing about the same.

This one used a bit of sewing, as that backpack has no compression straps for the bottom. But it's not a bad reference.
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Make a loop of paracord or such going from one shoulder strap top attachment to the other that is loopy enough for you to place the board deck side against the backpack and loop the cord around the front trucks.

Find/make a bungee type strapdown cord that you can attach to shoulder strap bottom attachment points ideally where you could give it a wrap around the deck (or bottom truck) when attatching it.

Alternatively and maybe better, get a couple Amazon Best Sellers: Best Cord Locks and just put four lengths of paracord firmly attached at the l/r t/b attachment points with enough play to let you cinch/uncinch them to bind the board down.
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I'm pretty sure the Barrage Session from Chrome Industries is the bag you're looking for.
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