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Should I start the cat on this antibiotic prescription today? Gross pet content within.

Early Saturday morning, Maggie Murderface had unusual vomiting and diarrhea. She was acting healthy otherwise, and the vet didn't see any obvious issues so didn't do any imaging or bloodwork yet. Maggie is indoor only and usually not inclined to eat non-food things. The most likely cause seems to be that she ate some food that disagreed with her. (Thursday night she rejected a new puree treat then hours later jumped on the counter to find and finish it, this is my strongest theory.)

The vet advised watching and waiting, and prescribed a course of metronidazole pills to help firm up her stool. M is *difficult* to pill so I wasted one trying to get it into her. I ordered a pill gun tool, which arrived today. In the meantime we thought the diarrhea might clear up on its own but no luck. If the culprit was the puree treat on Thursday is it likely that her stool would still be soft nearly a week later?

I'm a bit concerned about medicating the symptom if improving the symptom could mask a more serious problem. I can speak to the vet tomorrow but if we're doing a week course of antibiotics I want to start her on them tonight.

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Best answer: Antibiotics don’t treat the symptom. They treat the root cause. The metronidazole will do nothing if it really is just something she ate and not a parasite or infection. If she still has diarrhea now, give her the antibiotics.
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Response by poster: Thanks for concisely getting to the root of my concern, phoenixy.

For future readers, the cat piller tool combined with the techniques from this video starring a vet who I call Canadian Pete Buttigieg have been very helpful.
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Jumping on to add to the Dr Uri love, he is so great. His video about how to hold a cat is one of my favourites.
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met is excellent for GI issues, and it's pretty standard to prescribe it. it is both an antibiotic and it has the added benefit of being a anti-inflammatory that helps soothe the system. you could consider asking your vet. if she's vomiting, ask about cerenia. <3
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