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Overall, I'm looking for a grade school Gold Star Chart to press those dopamine buttons & build good habits. On my phone. I'm not a huge app user, so I could be looking for a unicorn or not. Looking for a customizable iOS app to track my good habits, all carrot, no stick. Something that will ask me, for example, at 8:30am "woke up before 8:00? y/n?" and at 7:00pm "did you eat a healthy meal today? y/n?" I DO NOT want an app that will remind me to do these things, or one that keeps track of when I don't answer or answer "no".

Also ideally would include the ability to answer retroactively (like, yes, I did exercise yesterday, but didn't answer the notification), and can track habits over time ("you meditated 17 times this month! that's up from last month!"

Features of apps I already enjoy: Mint shows me the days of the month I spent less per day than last month. My phone keeps track of screen time and gives me weekly summaries. My health app charts my daily steps and I can see if if I'm walking more or less this day, week, or month.

I REALLY like the comparative graphs, or just the ability to graph my habits and view them on various time scales.

The IDEAL APP would sync with Mint and the apple health app to put it all in one happy good-habits, self-care app, but it's 100% fine if that's a pipe dream.
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It's not a perfect match, but the gamified to-do list that jumps to mind straight away is EpicWin. A quick glance at the App Store recommendations hint at a chance that they'll lead you to what you're after. There's also an AlternativeTo page for it.
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Best answer: Streaks
posted by wowenthusiast at 7:26 AM on May 24, 2021 [1 favorite] is pretty minimal but sounds like it would give you the feeling you’re after.
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Response by poster: Streaks is perfect, thanks!
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