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Young man who’s lived in the U.K. under indefinite leave to remain for many years. Got accepted into many unis. Every uni who’s accepted him has done so as a domestic student, with a domestic student’s fees, except his top choice, which is classing him as an international student. Does he appeal this to the uni directly? To UCAS? Elsewhere? Thanks!
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Find the number for the international office, or perhaps the general admissions number, for that particular uni. Ask them to double check the reason. That would be my starting point. It might be a simple misinterpretation. If not then I'd try UCAS.

If they insist on international fees ask about scholarships.
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It's worth your friend pushing to see if it's possible to change the classification. My experience with UK universities is a bit outdated, but I don't think appealing to UCAS is going to be fruitful: I agree with SuckPoppet that he should call probably the specific university's admissions office. I have a very high success record on these types of calls (including issues with UK university bureaucracy). If I were your friend, I'd say something like:

"Kent Polytechnic is my top choice university, and I'm really excited to attend! I was disappointed to learn that I was mis-categorized as an international student instead of a home student. All of the other universities that accepted me correctly classified me as a home student. I'd really like to attend Kent Polytechnic, but because of financial constraints, the feasibility of that will depend on me being classified as a home student. I'm hoping you can help me through the process of getting reclassified correctly. Are you the right person for me to speak with, or is there someone else I should be referred to?"

The key here, as with all customer service, is to be cheerful, polite, and persistent. He should work on the assumption that it is some kind of accidental error that everyone will be happy to work with him to correct, and he should approach others with that kind of attitude. People like to help people who are polite, kind to them, and generous in their interpretation. And in dealing with any bureaucracy, persistence is obviously key. I also think it's probably way too late in the game to be asking about scholarships (which often have autumn/winter deadlines, and some of which vary in whether home or overseas students are eligible for them), but no harm in asking I guess if all else fails.
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It's an appeal directly to the university. It sounds like he isn't really a marginal case.

Look at the guides on the UKCISA website.

I would advise your friend to read this in detail and then contact the university with a letter explaining the error they have made with reference to the rules explained on the UKCISA website and documentary evidence where required.
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I'd also suggest calling the university's admissions office as your first step.

Bear in mind that there's quite a bit of variation in how funding for student places works around the UK which may have a bearing on this - e.g. if it's a Scottish university you're talking about, the number of domestic students they receive funding for is capped, so they may be in a position where they can only accept fee-paying students for a popular programme.
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