Mmmmm, this garbage can smells sooooo good!
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After the outdoor garbage can has been emptied, what all natural (or at least doesn't harm the environment) solution do you spray in this exterior garbage can to prevent it from smelling too bad or even smelling good in hot and humid weather?
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On a smaller scale... I wash out my plastic compost bin with water, then spritz thoroughly with extra strength white vinegar, let it linger for a couple minutes, then spray down with water once more. I find it's very effective at removing smell.
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I know some people who use a service that comes and regularly pressure washes garbage cans.
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When I lived in florida I would put a healthy splash of white vinegar in the bottom of the can, add a bit of water from the hose and swish it around before watering the driveway with it. Only every few months though. Good quality bags and making sure to put the bags in the side up to minimize garbage juice we’re the key.

If you want to use the water on plants you can skip the vinegar.

Also, tight fitting lids to prevent raccoons from getting in, because they will not help anything smell better. And they’ll leave a trail of used tampons across your driveway.
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Best answer: I make a homemade concoction consisting of cinnamon leaf oil, tangerine oil, a bit of glycerine and distilled water. I hose the trash can out. Let it drain and dry. Spray with the concoction. It repels the flies and smells good too.
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My garbage stopped smelling when I learned about composting.

A great way to clean an indoor plastic compost bin sleeve is with enzyme cleaner.
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Best answer: Plain old baking soda works. Combined with vinegar it creates a sudsy, abrasive cleanser like Clorox without the toxins.
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