Weekend in San Francisco, pandemic style?
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I’m going to be in San Francisco for a weekend with my sister and her wife. I’ve been to SF many times, but not during the pandemic so my usual food-oriented travel ideas are a bit out of step (several options I’ve looked up are still takeout only). What would you do that’s actually open right now, including outdoor activities?

We’re all vaccinated and comfortable with indoor experiences. There are a few places I might normally take someone (Dandelion) that are takeout only right now and I’d rather skip it and bring them next time when it’s open as normal. So primarily outdoor experiences are OK, especially if they involve grabbing food somewhere where the takeout experience is normal (like getting sandwiches and taking them to the park, for instance).

We wanted to go to Musee Mechanique but that’s also closed until June 15. I have such pandemic brain I’m genuinely having a hard time thinking of the most striking experiences I’ve had in the city. We’ll be celebrating a birthday and a college graduation.

We’re on the east side of the city but not opposed to traveling around.

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Best answer: Ferry Building is open, I had a great lunch at Hog Island Oyster Co. there last month sitting out on the deck. Plenty of food options to choose from as well as places to sit or walk around nearby.
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Best answer: Dandelion also has a location at the Ferry Building. I love going to Golden Gate Park, especially the botanical garden and Japanese garden (the buffalo are also fun to show visitors). You could get pizza at Arizmendi and then go eat in the park.
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Best answer: The CA Academy of Sciences is open! Also I just learned about Stagecoach Greens, which is an outdoor, SF-history-themed mini golf course. It’s right by the Spark food truck park as well.
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Best answer: Pizzeria Delfina, Bi-rite creamery (ice cream), and Bi -rite Market (sandwiches, high end produce) are all good stops before heading to Dolores Park to people watch.

Good Luck Dim Sum and Wing Lee Bakery will both sell you massive amounts of dim sum to go for about $20 and it’s much nicer to eat it as a picnic in Golden Gate Park than in the stuffy, cramped restaurants.

I’m not in SF right now to be sure they’re open, but I assume the Wave Organ, hiking in the Presidio, Sutro Baths, stopping by Ocean Beach (maybe get coffee/cinnamon sugar toast/a coconut to go from Trouble Coffee if they’re open), and biking the Golden Gate Bridge are all still excellent outdoor tourist destinations.
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Best answer: Golden Gate Park has the botanical gardens and the Japanese Tea Garden. Also you can sit outside the Conservatory of Flowers and have a picnic. Ocean beach might be chilly, but people often go with blankets and hot coffee or cocoa. People also seem to be enjoying the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit. I'm told its even better with edibles.

If it were me, I'd go to Rainbow Grocery (or get delivery through Instacart), get an obscene amount of amazing, fresh, organic, local food and drink, and go to one of the above listed places to indulge.
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Best answer: Outdoor dining has exploded in SF during the pandemic. It seems like every restaurant and bar has a parklet these days. Remember that our weather tends to be cool (in the 50s/60s) and windy at night during the summer, so bring layers and enjoy the restaurants!

Lots of streets have closed semi-permanently to through traffic, with levels of compliance varying pretty significantly from neighborhood to neighborhood. You can check out the SF Slow Streets site for information, but in particular I'd check out Page St in Hayes Valley/Lower Haight/Haight Ashbury, JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park, and Washington in the Presidio.
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