Does anyone know anything about this weird rooster man coin bank?
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Photos I got it at an antique mall. The tag just said "ROOSTER MAN" with no other information. The human face is on a little spring and bounces around when you poke it. I can't find any manufacturer or brand markings on it. It's very heavy (about 3 lbs). I really love my little rooster man and I want to know more about it. Thanks!
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Best answer: Sorry to have to tell you, but it's not an antique. It is very cute though!
posted by erst at 11:27 AM on May 22, 2021

Best answer: It looks like a Design Toscano product on Amazon. Apparently inspired by the Canterbury Tales.
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Response by poster: Lmao, damn, thanks. I still love it even if it’s from skymall
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The one I linked to is a replica, I guess, so yours might be older. No likely, but...
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Response by poster: anything is possible in this big beautiful world but it does look exactly like the one on Amazon
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Well, if it’s a replica, I would be very similar. I found some antique designs, but it wasn’t the same style.
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