best way to see seattle and the peugot sound by boat?
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Looking for tips on the best way to see Seattle and optionally the Peugot Sound by boat (ideally small charter or boat rental) ?

any other hidden Sea-Town tips and tricks and suggestions welcomed as well.
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Just take the ferry to Bainbridge Island!
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+1 on the ferry. If you're interested in smaller craft like canoes, kayaks, and small sailboats, there are good boat rental options from the UW, the Center for Wooden Boats, Sail Sand Point, Agua Verde Paddle Club, and probably dozens more. I can personally recommend all of the above ones.
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The ferry to Bainbridge is a classic, as is the Center for Wooden Boats. If you'd prefer a size in between, Argosy Cruises are pretty good.
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You can rent electric boats on Lake Union, be your own captain, bring a picnic...
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The ferry to Bremerton (also from Seattle) goes through a narrow channel between two islands, which is fun. And I think it's a smaller ferry than Bainbridge.

There is also the water taxi from downtown Seattle to West Seattle, where you can rent kayaks.
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You can rent one- or two-person kayaks from Agua Verde and paddle around Lake Union. On a sunny summer day, it is an amazing way to see Seattle from an angle that never really gets shown in the tourist books. As a bonus, when you come back and drop off your kayak, you can relax and munch on some really great Mexican food by the waterfront.
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Seconding Electric Boat company. I've been out on them a few times, and you get to see all over Lake Union and the Ship Canal and partway to Montlake Cut. Lots of houseboats and floating homes, the occasional superyacht, a great view of downtown. Boats have bluetooth sound systems, a big table for eating on, floor room for coolers, etc., so cater your own meal or snacks on board.

Best of all, parking is free after 4 and all weekend along that part of Westlake Ave N.
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Yeah, you could take a "real" cruise but the ferry to Bainbridge is equally good and much cheaper. Plus the ferry landing area at Bainbridge is a cute spot for lunch. If you want a longer ride or to see a little more of the area you can go to Bremerton, same terminal downtown.

You can't see much of the Puget Sound without going much further north, but if you decide to, budget a night in Friday Harbor on San Juan. The drive to Anacortes (ferry terminal for the San Juan islands) is 1.5-2 hours and the ride is an hour or so. A day trip is possible but would be exhausting. If you budget a full day you can take a whale watching tour (we have some orca and greys right now) and they zoom you all over the islands. You can catch those from Anacortes or even Seattle. Dress warm!

Definitely do the Electric Boat Co on Lake Union. Get the boat for 2 hours and bring some snacks and drinks (alcohol technically forbidden but this rule is universally disregarded). They're easy to pilot and with 2 hours you can skim the edge of the whole lake at your own pace, almost get landed on by a seaplane, and explore the margins of the next areas (Montlake cut, Fremont). Don't do 1 hour, you'll feel rushed, trust me.

If you hear about the Ducks or some such, that was an amphibious bus-boat tour that was retired a while back after a horrible accident. They'd show you the same things on Lake Union as you can see yourself but you'd have some annoying announcer talking about it the whole time.

Hope you have a lovely time! If you're coming soon, the weather should be great. The PNW welcomes you!!
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(I have lived in Seattle for 26 years and this is the first time I have ever seen this most excellent spelling of Puget. If only! So much cooler. I think I will start calling it that.)
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The Agua Verde and ferry tips are spot on. Do both.
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Kind of a bigger deal, but great for a weekend trip or a long day trip, is taking the Clipper to Victoria, BC. Looks like it's not operational at the moment due to Covid, but good to keep in mind.
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I forgot about the restrictions on entry into Canada, sorry. Perhaps something to keep in mind if the situation changes, however.
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