Lost Coast, CA attractions?
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We’ve decided to take a jaunt up to the Lost Coast / Humboldt County area over Memorial Day weekend. Our itinerary is sketched out vaguely but we could use suggestions from those who have been there before.

There will be 4 of us staying in Ferndale with a rental car. We’re planning on driving quite a bit. So far we have a short list of beaches/hikes (mostly researched by others, so I don’t have it handy) and would like to spend time around redwoods but not a lot of specifics yet. Wondering if any MeFites have gone and have recommendations (with the caveat that not everything may be opened due to COVID, but we can do the research on our end, feel free to recommend away). Just want to know what you might have found particularly special, interesting or cool. We will be driving up from San Francisco and spending about three days.

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Best answer: I've been there before! Here's my recommendation. Canada to Mexico via Pacific Coast is the most popular long-distance bike route in the USA. Drive carefully and give the whole lane to people biking on the road.

Along these lines, please do not pee at the pullouts. Sometimes when biking there's no other place to sleep.

Speaking of bikes. Bring your bikes so you can bike the Avenue of the Giants. It is amazing and so much more magical on a bike (I've experienced it both ways).
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Best answer: It's probably these are covered in your companion's research but:

I assume you are driving there through the Avenue of the Giants? I personally prefer longer hikes but if I were driving through anyway I'd absolutely find a couple short (2-3 mile) loops along the way and break up my drive with them; it is beautiful.

The Redwood State and National Parks are a bit north (about 90 minutes by google maps) but I absolutely love them, and you can easily find a half- or full- day hike that suits your preferences. I also did a horseback tour their one time which was fun.
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Best answer: Fern Canyon is amazing if it’s not too far from Ferndale.
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I also came in here to say Fern Canyon. Soooo pretty.
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Best answer: Fern Canyon! Gorgeous and you can pretend to be an Ewok. Patrick's Point is nice, too.

The Samoa Cookhouse reopened recently if you're into all-you-can-eat. Blue Ox Millworks in Eureka is a great tour, but call first to check they are open. The maritime Museum in downtown Eureka is also good.
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Best answer: As you probably know, it's called the Lost Coast in part because it's so remote and hard to get to. The portion without road access is a popular 3-4 day through hike but that takes a lot of planning and preparation.

This recent NYT tourism article is good.

Shelter Cove is smack in the middle of the Lost Coast and has a road, a tiny airport, and some hotels and restaurants. I have several pilot friends who've flown in for the afternoon on the rare day when the weather allows it and it's beautiful.

North of Ferndale are the "big towns" of Eureka and Arcata. Frankly I don't care much for either of them, the marijuana business there has tilted the feel too much to the unsavory. (And I'm pro-legalization.) But they have some charm. They both have some beautiful old Victorian houses. Arcata has a nice little town square and farmer's market.

There are a bunch of small wineries in the hills east of Ferndale. Nothing major and it's not well organized. The area around Trinity Lake has an AVA, the Far North district, and there's some info on those wineries here. But many of the smaller ones in the hills are outside any AVA.
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