Help finding a community for trans and nonbinary women
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I’m looking for a comfortable community and/or support group that welcomes trans folks who are beginning their transition. Online communities are great (and really the only option just now), but communities local to the SF Bay Area that do meet in person would also be nice for post-pandemic times.

My ideal community would be pretty diverse and include all sorts of trans and nonbinary folks, but would definitely have a strong trans femme contingent. Femme-focused spaces would also work. I would definitely NOT want any space that was transmedicalist or felt judgmental in any way.

I’m middle-aged and have kids, and would really love to know folks in a similar position that I can talk to about parenting while trans, transitioning in middle age, etc. But getting to know younger and older folks can be good too! I’m white, so spaces focused on trans people of color would not be appropriate.

If you know of communities that you think could work but don’t want to publicize, I can memail directly with my regular account.
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I'm not part of the community, and I'm not sure they'd want contact info posted, but I know two groups with a physical Bay Area presence - one largely without children and mostly a bit younger than both of us and much cooler than me, the other older and more diverse but with overt Christian beliefs - who might at least know of better local suggestions. They're people of good will and judgement. Please feel free to memail me if that's of interest. I will keep it confidential and delete it if you'd like. No worries if you'd rather not do so.

Best wishes and congratulations. (And apologies for jumping in to answer a question I'm poorly qualified to answer.)
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Are you aware that there is a MeFi trans slack? Me-mail me for an invite, I guess. (I don't control invites, but I have no idea of the current username of the person who does.) All-gender trans spaces are basically unicorns, but we've got one.

The Pacific Center in Berkeley has a trans group on Friday nights (they have a separate transmasculine group, which is generally a hint that a general group skews to trans women). I have heard good things about the Oakland LGBT Center [from trans people] but know nothing more about it than that.
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I'm on a discord for older trans folk that I'd be happy to provide an invitation for. The median age there is somewhere in the thirties, but there are some twenty-somethings, and some older folks like me (I'm 55).

It leans trans femme, but there are a few trans masc folks, and quite a few nonbinary folks.

We're not trans meds. Memail me if you'd like an invitation.
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