Women’s Basic High-Quality Shirts for larger sizes
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I am searching for good quality women’s t-shirts shirts ranging from XL to 1X. Up to $20 per shirt.

Quality: I want something that is more durable than my $5-8 Target t-shirts which last a year or two before getting holes. I love the quality of my ll bean shirts but they are not sized well for their larger sizes, so I always go back to Target.

Colors: I am only looking for basic colors, NOT shirts with designs. White, black, grey and dark greens, purples and blues. I wear these both to work and casually.

Sleeves: I’m looking for both short and long sleeve options. I never wear sleeveless.

Length: The reason I regret not returning my ll bean shirts is that while they otherwise fit well, they’re too short to cover my stomach. I tried sizing up to 1X but it really made no difference.

Price: I’m looking to spend around $20, but will spend more if 1. ethically made or 2. The white option is not sheer (this is why I love my ll bean shirts because I can wear any color bra).

Other: I prefer online shopping since these sizes are usually not in-store, I don’t drive, and dressing rooms aren’t open in most places anyway right now. I don’t require free returns but they must have a decent return policy.
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Check out the options from Duluth Trading Co. They have numerous cuts that are longer than the usual women’s tshirt specifically so they don’t ride up or untuck. They market their things as durable and simple. Unfortunately your price range is pretty narrow but you might hit a sale.
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Best answer: You might try Eddie Bauer - I’ve been on a very picky hunt for t-shirts lately, and they often come up as a favorite pick in “best t-shirts for women” lists. I’ve read the white is not sheer, and they have a wide range of sizes (including tall XL/XXL for longer lengths).
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Best answer: I can vouch for the Eddie Bauer athletic-type shirts. They are long enough for my long torso in the XL/XXL sizes even without being "tall". I will say the long sleeved knit cotton-y versions are long enough in the sleeves and torso but some of them are getting small holes already with just 1 season of wear.
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It's nature of cotton jersey to shrink upwards. Don't wash tshirts in hot water, try not using the dryer, if you want them to stay long. I have some Landsend tees that have lasted ages, which would be great if hadn't gained weight.
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Best answer: Lands End. Their shirts are wonderful and long enough for my tall trunk. They do run big so if you are a 1x in a target, get an xl in LE. They have fabulous sales so get in the mailing list and stock up when a good sale hits.
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I was happily surprised by the quality of the Amazon Basics t-shirts I recently bought. They're very soft, and long enough (I had the same problem with LL Bean). They're new, so I don't know how well they'll hold up, but so far they seem more durable than my Universal Standard ones from Target.
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Higher price point but I’ve been very happy with the quality of their Tee Rex or V Rex shirts: Universal Standard. The Foundation shirt I got from them is very soft but also super sheer and I wouldn’t recommend it
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Came here to mention Universal Standard. I wore a specific T-shirt by them at least twice a week and it lasted two years, which is...two hundred-ish wears? The fit is good. All of their stuff is designed for someone much longer in the torso than my short-waisted self.
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Sorry, I mean my Universal Thread shirts from Target don’t last long. I haven’t tried Universal Standard.
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If you're still looking for options, Royal Apparel makes a variety of T-Shirts in your size range; I've been very satisfied with their heavyweight shirts. They're made in Los Angeles.
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