Where can I buy ethically made arty tees?
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I love tee shirts with an allover abstract pattern. My favorites are from Uniqlos art tee lines, but I won't buy from them because they use slave labor to produce their cotton. I don't want to buy them used either. Can you recommend a company that's even slightly more ethical that makes similar shirts? Thanks!
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PAOM might appeal to you?
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Rapanui seem pretty decent, ethically:

Their supply chain, from cotton origins onwards

Other stuff about their business ethics, circular economy etc.

Don’t know if their designs would be abstract enough for you, though:
Women’s T-shirts

Men’s T-shirts

Other thing to note is they’re based in the UK so you might need to check out the deal with shipping.
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Response by poster: Both awesome, thanks folks!!!
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Rapanui also offer their T-shirts and printing to other people wanting to set up online T-shirt stores with their own prints, under the name Teemill, so if you want a wider choice of designs, you can try googling something like 'buy teemill' or 'teemill shops' and you'll get some others.
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You may want to keep an eye on the Linocave website. The artist specializes in geometric repeating forms in all kinds of interesting permutations and sometimes applies that to clothes. Cool stuff!
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I would not order Print All Over Me (PAOM)-- they came under fire for not paying their artists.

Watching this thread w/interest though!
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Thank you for asking this question — it inspired me to look this up and I stumbled across this website and got their app. The app rates brands on labour, environment, and animal welfare and offers ethical alternatives and suggest alternatives. You can also search by location. Also: 12 ethical and sustainable alternatives to Uniqlo.
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