I'm in the doghouse with Zuckerberg and don't know why
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I just got a Facebook notification that says "independent fact-checkers at Science Feedback say information in your post is missing context and could mislead people. We've added a notice to your post." Does anybody know how to figure out which post??

I've been tilting at windmills [antivaxxers and COVID deniers) too much lately, and it may be the sheer number of links I've shared that has triggered FB, as per this post. I've gone back through my activity log a few days and haven't found anything. If it's indeed misleading I'd like to take it down, or at the very least provide some additional context. Any suggestions?
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If they've added a notice as they say, it should be visible to you too (probably a bar at the bottom saying, "This post has been determined to be missing context" or something), or failing that, visible from another profile. Just keep going through your posts... if you find it, you can figure out what's up. If you don't find it, it's entirely possible your post was flagged and then unflagged. There's a lot of error like that in the automated systems. They err on the side of caution, then on a subsequent, more detailed pass with their algos, find that the original determination was a bit hasty.
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Best answer: I don't think they're actually reading and judging your content. To their algorithm, posts like "this link shows why vaccines are poison" and "this link shows why people are insane!" are the same to them.

If you are tilting at the anti-vax windmills so much that you're triggering the algorithms .... You're doing it right. Keep on keeping on.
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Just ask a facebook friend to look at your page. If facebook has flagged it, it should show up that way for them. I've seen a couple of these recently.
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Best answer: I forget if it was my public health friend, or my brain research scientist friend whose work is COVID proximate, but one of them got dinged with one of those last week. So. You know. Zuck
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If Facebook are flagging it they are very likely also filtering your feed, so the people you would like to be reaching will never see your posts.
As always with Facebook, the only way to win is to stop playing their game.
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Response by poster: Lanark, a lot of my most recent keyboard warrior activity is in response to posts on a local community page. I keep my friends list pruned vigorously, so I'm pretty much preaching to the choir if I put something on my wall.
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The comments on local community pages are also filtered.
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