Does My Dream Scheduler Exist?
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Here is my dream scheduler/planning tool: I load a bunch of modular tasks (4 x 15 minute blocks of doing this, 3 x 30 minute blocks of doing that, etc.) into a virtual hopper. Working around whatever set appointments I have, it serves them up to me one-by-one, with me either accepting (and completing) or marking pass, which will cause them to come up later. Is this a thing?

A bonus feature would be to categorize the items into groups with a progress gauge available showing me if I'm low in one group or another. (On Tuesday, I would be able to see if I have already done a whole week's worth of Category A, but hadn't touched Category B.) It could also tell me when I'm running behind in general ("You now have 25 hours of work left in the week for 28 hours of tasks!") And of course, I'd be able to throw new stuff in the hopper at any time. Oh, and if I could mark certain items as priority such that either I could not mark pass on them or could cause them to reappear in the queue more often, that would be cool.

Is this a thing? Or am I strictly fantasizing about an app I do not have the wherewithal to build?
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Sunsama sorta works like this, though you mostly need to do the time blocking yourself (it won’t automatically pull tasks on to the calendar). I love Sunsama, but I’m not sure if it’s close enough to what you want to be the right choice for you.
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Best answer: Skedpal!
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Response by poster: I was recommended ClickUp in meatspace and it is kinda rad.
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Response by poster: I'm gonna have to play with SkedPal. There seems to be a learning curve, but it might be ideal. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Given the sheer volume of things I have to schedule each week (200-ish small tasks), SkedPal ended up being a brain-destroying shitshow. It still seems cool, if you have like 10-30 tasks a week, but this was making me crazy.

ClickUp was the winner, even if it didn't dump things into a calendar for me.
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