Good men's underwear without brand name on the waistband?
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I think underwear that is an advertisement via the brand name being splashed on the waistband is super lame. Unfortunately, it's also ubiquitous, at least for anything of decent quality. Please help me find boxer briefs that are comfortable and stylish without having a big logo on them. My go-to for a long time has been Banana Republic's boxer briefs, but I'm trying to get away from doing unpaid product placement for them (or anyone else) every day.
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Uniqlo has very nice boxer briefs. They are extremely inexpensive for the quality.
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Lands' End is great quality, and no logo that I can see.
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Uniqlo has been my boxer briefs source for years. Great quality and comfort for the price (the supima cotton ones).
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I was coming in to recommend Uniqlo as well. I'm also happy for you that your waistbands are getting enough views to make product placement a concern.
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nthing Uniqlo, and I would add, make sure to check their size guide.
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MeUndies, surprisingly, has no branding on the waistband. They have lots of fun colors and patterns, and a few different cuts as well. The fabric is a really soft microfiber, and the waistband is wide elastic that's very soft.
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I almost exclusively wear muji boxer briefs. They look a lot like the linked uniqlo ones. Very comfy.
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I’m a big fan of me undies. Extremely comfortable, no branding. The downside is there’s no fly - at least on the ones I have.
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These David Archy modal boxer briefs are great.
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Andrew Christian definitely goes in for the name on the waistband, but has also done a few styles that say other things like happy, love, and almost naked. They look good and seem to be holding up well.
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