Help me cover my sofas
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Looking for the best sofa covers/slip covers for a 3 seater and a 2 seater. Must be available in Australia (ordering online and getting it sent from overseas is an option too).

I currently have some covers which are okay, but don't stay in place very well. Have tried using a pool noodle but it doesn't help much. I don't mind needing to tuck the covers in once a week or so, but don't want to be doing it nearly every day. Thanks!
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Are the covers you're currently using the stretchy type? If not, I think that's what you should look for. We have these inexpensive 15% spandex slip covers [US Amazon link] on our couch, and they have been working surprisingly well. I can't believe how much better they look than the non-stretchy slipcovers our friends used to have. They're not quite as good as custom-sewn slipcovers, and we don't expect them to last as long, but they are surprisingly good. We bought our set three years ago and they still look good.

We used a few spiral-shaped upholstery pins (like these) to hold excess material under the outside of the sofa arms and to keep the bottom front from drooping. We bought extra covers for the seat cushions, in case they might wear out more quickly. The extras are very handy for a quick change when we want to launder the ones in use.

Do you have separate seat cushions, or are they fixed in place? I think having separate seat cushions is very helpful in keeping the cover tucked in place. We don't have to retuck our cover every week, or even every month.
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We have a stretchy slipcover like the one linked above, and spiral upholstery pins, and it looks surprisingly great. But I ordered a similar-looking one for a different futon and it was very cheap and shiny and looked bad, so look very carefully at the product photos and any photos in reviews. Get the kind with separate covers for the couch cushions, they’re much better than the kind that covers everything at once.
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