How can I... watch this DVD?
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I got a (very small-press) DVD and it has a copy protection technique that makes it hard to watch on my computer. I've tried straight-up watching it in VLC and ripping it in Handbrake. Left is how it appears in Handbrake. Right is how it appears in VLC. I ripped it in Handbrake, but it came out with the green section, same as if I tried to play it in VLC. What is this copy protection technique, and how can I watch this video at all?
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There's reference to green blocks and Handbrake here. Perhaps it might help?
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In places where I've had issues with Handbrake, I've had success with MakeMKV.
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Best answer: It's been many years since I encountered this sort of problem, but updating the libdvdcss library as described in metabaroque's link fixed it for me. Looks like it's still being updated periodically.
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Seconding MakeMKV as an alternative ripper if Handbrake fails. I mainly use it for ripping Blu-Rays to mkvs (which I then compress using Handbrake), but every so often it also comes in handy for ripping DVD-Rs with either funky encryption or spotty title/track recognition Handbrake.
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