Replicating a filter from Windows 10 Photo app?
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I'm helping a friend with some photo editing: trying to find a way for me (on a Mac with Pixelmator Pro) to find the specs to replicate the "Sunscreen" filter from the Windows 10 Photos app.

I am a decent-ish user of Photoshop and now Pixelmator Pro. I'm helping a friend try to replicate the look of a photo she edited on Windows 10 in the Photos app with the "Sunscreen" filter. I can do this purely by eye but thought it would be helpful to see if I can find written down anywhere what adjustments the filter makes. This is proving surprisingly hard to Google... getting a lot of things about UV filters for actual windows.

If these specs do not exist anywhere, I'll just tackle it by trial and error -- it does not need to be exact. Thanks all.
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Best answer: It looks like that filter mostly just tweaks the levels, removing some of the blue that you get with sunlit images. Makes them look warmer, more orangey.

In Photoshop it'd just be a matter of editing the levels to knock down the blue a bit. I took a quick look at the specs for Pixelmator Pro and didn't see anything there for adjusting levels. Even a hue-adjustment setting would probably do the job.
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