Seeking songs with a "reveal"
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I love songs that have a big "reveal" in the middle where the song changes dramatically - help me find more of them!

One of my favorite songs is Nine Inch Nails "Right Where It Belongs" - it has a big reveal in the middle that totally changes the song and always gives me the tinglies. I have yet to stumble across any other songs that do this so dramatically, but I'm sure they exist. What are some other songs like this?
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I've always loved the shift in Liz Phair's Divorce Song
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I'm positive you've experienced it before, but this happens in bohemian rhapsody like 4 times.

I also consider this to happen in domo origato mr roboto though the reveal is rather early.
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How about Dance Yrself Clean ? It shifts dramatically at the 2.5 or 3 minute mark.
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My favorite is the dawning reveal (for the singer mainly, but we can't help but go with him) in Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. I'm a sucker for the gentle humor in it. Ooh and how about Chuck Berry's Memphis Tennessee?

But maybe songs like Harry Chapin's Cat's In the Cradle or even the Eagles' Hotel California do something closer to what you're looking for. They definitely have the "chills" factor.
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The twist has long since been spoiled, but the song "Goodbye Earl" from the Chicks (f/k/a Dixie Chicks) starts out like it'll be one of those hard-luck-woman-leaves-her-no-good-man type of songs, and then take a sharp turn after the first verse.
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From two different genres:
DJ Spooky - Galactic Funk (90s trip-hop)
Terry Allen - The Girl Who Danced Oklahoma (70s art-country)
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Not sure if this exactly fits your criteria, but there's a famous "drum break" toward the end of the Phil Collins song, "In the Air Tonight". From the Wikipedia article I linked to:
"In the Air Tonight" remains one of Collins' best-known hits... and is especially famous for its drum break towards the end, which has been described as "the sleekest, most melodramatic drum break in history" and one of the "101 Greatest Drumming Moments".
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The Pina Colada song
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Hallelujah by Stephen Lynch (not the same song as the oft-covered Leonard Cohen song by the same name.)
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I don't quite get what you mean by a "reveal". Is this something in the lyrics which changes your perception of what the song was about or is it something in the music like the abrupt changes in Bohemian Rhapsody? In Right Where it Belongs (which is a great song) is it the during the line "While you're hiding in the trees" where the music changes a bit and the crowd noise comes in or is it something else?
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John Darnielle's ability to turn audience sympathies on a dime in the middle of "The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton" was what first drew my attention to the Mountain Goats.

There's also a twist in the last verse of Suzanne Vega's "The Queen and the Soldier" which is pretty dramatic.
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That song reminds me of Layla by Eric Clapton, the long version where it switches to a piano ballad. Not sure if that's what you are going for.

I'd also suggest:
Soundgarden - Rusty Cage

Secrets by Mission of Burma it's like 2 songs built into one, or a really long intro

Secular Rockulidge by Lemonheads -an instrumental or two

Vampire Weekend does it a lot -
Vampire Weekend - Sympathy
Vampire Weekend - Fingerback - spoken word break
Vampire Weekend - Ladies of Cambridge - the middle break turns to a killer's thoughts

Game Theory - The Waist and The Knees - switches tempo, vocal style, level of seriousness, everything in the middle

Game Theory - Dead Center - starts with an interview, then musical break, then the actual song

Chomsky -Gravitate a snippet of the middle section was regularly used in the HGTV show House Hunters in the 2010s.
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Come Sail Away by Styx changes both musical style and subject matter about halfway through.
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I'm also not entirely sure if these are examples of what you mean when you say a "reveal" but they might fit:

No More Shall We Part by Nick Cave

The Adversary by Crime and the City Solution

Lived in Bars by Cat Power
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Hell, All These Things That I've Done by The Killers, maybe?
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I like the three speeds of Billy Joel's "Scenes From an Italian Restaurant"
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"Come Sail Away" is probably the best example of this I can think of. Another good one is "Contact" by Daft Punk, where the style changes pretty suddenly and dramatically when the percussion kicks in.

I can think of other songs that have long, distinct intros or outros, or that develop dramatically and progressively from start to finish, but it seems what you're looking for is a lot more specific than that?
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Much like Layla, I Think of You by J. Roddy Walston has a dramatic change in tempo and style but no lyrics during the second part.
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I immediately thought of a day in the life by the beetles who merged two of their songs together to make this song, and apparently they’ve done it other times, too.
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This is America might fit the bill.
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Independence Day by Martina McBride

The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia by Reba McEntire
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The High Road by Broken Bells does this 2/3 of the way through.
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Pray for You by Jaron and the Long Road to Love

Maybe Ol' Red by Blake Shelton
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Brand New Girlfriend by Steve Holy though the reveal happens early in the song.
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Kicked it in the Sun by Built to Spill

Night Shift by Lucy Dacus
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more Styx! they love doing that. Madame Blue at about 3:40 just blows my mind. Stairway to Heaven turns fast as well. The Damned, smash it up parts 1 and 2?

I love music that shifts as well, for me the heart of it is something like Gorecki's Symphony no. 3, which slowly builds the layers up until it blossoms into the vocals about 14 minutes in...a lot of songs from The National also slowly build up like that, and Lamb's song Gorecki most definitely follows that pattern.
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Los Campesinos! - Heart Swells/Pacific Daylight Time completely changes at the 2 minute mark.
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This is my "stoner" playlist. I made it mostly for extended solo/jam vibes, but there's definitely some good breaks in there.

Deer Tick, Mange
Outlaws, Green Grass and High Tides
Black Keys, Little Black Submarine
John Mayer, Covered in Rain
Clutch, Electric Worry
Dire Straits, Telegraph Road
Spiderbait, Tonite
Spock's Beard, The Doorway
Porcupine Tree, Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
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Golddigger by Kanye.
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B.F. Shelton - Pretty Polly (1927). This one is from The Bristol Sessions, one of the earliest country records. There are many versions out there, it's some old old folk song sort of thing.
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Primus, Groundhog's Day

Phish, Punch You In The Eye has a few changes in it.
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Wrong 'Em Boyo, the Clash—the only reveal that matters.
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That Was a Crazy Game of Poker, by O.A.R. It's so weird it's kind of riveting.
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A Better Son/Daughter and The Good That Won't Come Out - Rilo Kiley
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If the reveal is along the lines of "You thought I meant this, but really I meant this!" then Weird Al has a number of examples: "One More Minute", "I Remember Larry", "Foil" and probably a number of others I'm not recalling immediately.
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Ooh, I also love when this happens in music. Supper's Ready by Genesis (back during the awesome weirdo days when Peter Gabriel was in the band) is an absolutely epic example of multiple drastic style shifts within the same composition.

Also, Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue has loads of changeups throughout the piece. In fact, "rhapsody" comes from ancient Greek and loosely translates to "songs stitched together". I learned this only last year and it kind of blew my mind, given it never occurred to me that Bohemian Rhapsody was called that because of how it was structured. o_0 So a lot of things with "Rhapsody" in the name likely fit the bill!
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Eminem's Darkness is one of my favorite reveals in terms of "what this song is actually about".
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I love songs like this, and all of these suggestions.

I agree with Liz Phair in general, not only is Divorce Song a great example, I also think Ant In Alaska does this well.

Probably my absolute favorite is Lemon Jelly's Space Walk

I also love what happens in Sunday Candy
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Up the Junction by Squeeze.
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Also came here to recommend 'Supper's Ready' but since aecorwin beat me to it how about a similarly-lengthy prog-rock masterpiece from Procol Harum, 'In Held 'Twas In I'? (Linked with old movie clips into this awesome video by Munroe).
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Elvis Costello doing Leon Payne’s “Psycho.”

For something very obscure and with perhaps the darkest narrative turn I know in any song ever written, Fiddlin’ Frenchie Burke’s “Mama’s Picture” is hard to beat.

And hard to listen to. Major major trigger warning. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

First time I heard it, live at a gig where I was playing with Frenchie, I almost threw up. I guarantee you’ll at least gasp when the big reveal happens, if you don’t guess it from the hints.
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Radiohead does big mood/tonal shifts a lot in their studio albums (see e.g. the way "All I Need" blooms @2:45), but my favorite is from a B-side, specifically how "The Daily Mail" abruptly morphs from a gorgeously sad piano ballad to an explosive big band number about 2/3rds of the way through.

Also, I love how the Alabama Shakes "Gimme All Your Love" effortlessly switches back and forth from delicate love song to an almost villainous hysteria.
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guess who i saw today, carmen mcrae
miss otis regrets, ethel waters
song of joy, nick cave (i think o'malley's bar also has a bit of a surprise, but you have to wade through a lot of bloody hyperbole to get there)
content warning
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oh, i might have misunderstood. the foregoing examples have reveal but no significant musical changes. on the other side of the spectrum, opeth's deliverance goes through some significant changes -- i have no idea whether there is any big reveal -- and slint's good morning captain does changes and maybe reveal.
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Rocket's Tail, Kate Bush
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The Chain by Fleetwood Mac?
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I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned Bobby Gentry's Ode to Billy Joe. The music doesn't change but the lyrics definitely go in an unexpected direction towards the end. It's a marvelous song and the cool part is that the "reveal" is actually more of suspicion which makes it that much better.
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Shakespeare’s Sister - Stay. It changes both lyrically and musically.
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Paul Simon's He was My Brother.
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Eminem - stan

Definitely takes a dark turn and has a big reveal partway through.
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Musically, 'The Chain' goes from a breakup song to the Formula 1 theme.

Lyrically? I was listening to a full play of The Sundays' first album on BBC 6 Music, and was struck by how a lot of its songs -- and they're all so good -- end with a distinct outro and/or a lyrical twist from aloofness to openness. The most obvious is 'A Certain Someone', which flips about half-way through. But I have the softest spot for how the final 'You're not the only one that I know / And I'm far too proud to talk to you anyway' leads to "But if you do / don't you know / that I won't mind."
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Paradise by the Dashboard Light, by Meat Loaf.
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Hurray for the Riff Raff’s Pa’lante
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Phoebe Bridgers, "I Know the End"
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Roxy Music - In Every Dream Home a Heartache
It still cracks me up that they chose to perform this song at their Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame induction instead of the smooth pop hits from later in their career.
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Elis Regina and Marcos Valle - Terra de Ninguém
Cesar Mariano & Cia, - Futebol De Bar
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Pete Atkin's 'Canoe'. (N.B. Linked video is spoilery for the twist/reveal/shift in the visuals - best listened to with audio only the first time.)
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Fairytale of New York
by The Pogues
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It's Oh So Quiet by Björk (cover of this song, which is itself a cover of a German song).
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If it's the music you're talking about, in music theory terms it's tossed around as "thematic evolution" or "thematic development" or "thematic transformation" with varying levels of quibble about the wording. In plain English I'd term it "songs that evolve."

It's a big prog-rock feature. Some of my favorites that do that and haven't already been mentioned:

New Pornographers, Bleeding Heart Show
Elton John, Burn Down the Mission
Yes, Starship Trooper
CSN, Suite Judy Blue Eyes
and you know, Stairway to Heaven. There are so many.
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If you're interested in kickass Eastern European music, here is a fantastic mashup of a Darkwood Dub song (a Serbian group) and the Pixies' Wave of Mutilation. It crescendos to a great wall of sound in the middle as it transitions from one song to another: Vrtlog Vira + Wave of Mutilation
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Coming Home by The Scorpions
(Music change, not lyric change)
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Radiohead’s b-side Polyethylene Parts 1&2 is, as you might guess from the title, has a pretty big shift in Part 2
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Another prog item, but Xanadu by Rush (the Exit... Stage Left (Snagglepuss reference) version is better than the album, but that album version is great in being recorded in *one take*) has both interesting musical variations and a great lyrical twist on the idea of actually finding Coleridge's Xanadu.
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Re: the musical reveal, Paul McCartney does this constantly. Doesn't work every time, but since he's written so many songs by now there's a lot of good ones out there. "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" is one of the most obvious examples from his hits, or the screeching halt into the intentionally goofy bridge of Live and Let Die.
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Not sure this is what you meant, but In a Crowd of Thousands from the musical Anastasia maybe?
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Gotye's Somebody That I Used to Know starts off being sung by the male protagonist whining about his girlfriend leaving him, and then halfway through the woman comes in and offers a very different perspective. Especially stunning because she starts the first line of her verse similar to his, but says something very different!
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