What kind of ball is this?
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What is this ball? I bought a set of two years ago and the label on the tube is gone. It is about 1.75 inches and very firm rubber. So too small to be a racquet or lacrosse ball I think? Too firm to be a squash ball. I’m desperate to find another one as it is the only thing that gets the knots out of my shoulders after a day hunched over the laptop. I’ve been googling for 3 days and can’t figure it out. Photo here
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I searched Amazon for "1.75 inch rubber ball" and found this:


Sounds like you're using it for what it is designed for.
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Slightly bigger, but we use these.
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Looks like a Lacrosse ball to me, but if your measurement is accurate it is indeed too small.

racquet or lacrosse ball

Racquet ball is hollow (filled with air), as is a squash ball; lacrosse ball is solid rubber.

Perhaps this page would be of use.
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Also slightly bigger, but cheaper. We got them on advice from my wife's Pilates instructor, and they work great:
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