Looking to print a custom plastic sign (from PDF) in the UK
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I need to print a small (about A5 size) plastic or enamel sign to affix to the railings outside a garden. I have already created the design, which I can supply in PDF format (colour). Google is not my friend.

When I search on the web for "custom plastic sign", as you can imagine, I am inundated under results. I've looked at nearly 10 suppliers so far, and none were suitable. I can't find any that will let me supply a PDF -- most want me to use their online design tool. Or they don't do the right size. Or they look super sketchy.

Have you used a sign printing service that you would recommend? I'm based in London so a UK-based service would be best, but I guess I could use a service anywhere in the world.
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Best answer: Unless you specifically want plastic for a reason, I'd suggest looking for any sign making place that can latex print on to UV protect vinyl, and mount it on ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel). It's lighter, tougher, and more durable. Literally any actual sign company could do this from a PDF. This company looks like they could do what you want (in plastic/acrylic or ACP, whatever you wish), perhaps? Good luck!
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I'm not in the UK. I'm not going to self link, but: I've had a small sideline going in 3d-printed signs. The first ones have survived a couple of Canadian winters and summers so far. There are limitations: colour depends on available filament and is best limited to a couple of spot colours, detail is slightly limited, and the PETG plastic definitely looks like plastic, but I can't be the only person to think of this or offer it as a service. The end result looks similar to those cast metal signs with raised letters. They are cheap as chips to make.
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Response by poster: Thanks, that helps!
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